Welsh democracy without ITV

Geraint Talfan Davies, IWA Chair: The more you look at Ofcom’s proposals for reducing ITV’s programming for the nations and the regions of the UK, the more you sense that the endgame for ITV is approaching. And it’s happening just when the clouds are gathering over our newspapers, too. These are unprecedented crisis years for […]

Sunday trains campaign

Tom Williams, Cardiff, one of the Assembly Government’s Climate Change Champions for 2008: I am writing as the leader of a campaign to get more trains on a Sunday on the Arriva Trains Valleys Lines Service. This is a campaign well underway – and this blog is to recruit more people to the cause and […]

Welsh crunch

James Foreman-Peck, Cardiff Business School, Director of the Welsh Institute for Research in Economics and Development Amid the choking of the financial system on the ‘toxic’ assets it has created, no-one has pointed out the silver lining of this poisonous cloud. This is the income gap between Wales and England – particularly the south east, […]

Timing the next vote on the Assembly

John Osmond, IWA Director This week’s survey from the Institute of Welsh Politics at Aberystwyth University, showing that most people now favour moving ahead to establish a legislative Parliament for Wales, confirms a trend that has been under way for the best part of ten years. Until the 1997 referendum, and during most of the […]

Regeneration challenge

Chris O’Malley, IWA Trustee and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Regional and International Development), University of Wales, Newport The recent IWA report proposing a new Mayor for the Valleys has once again drawn our attention to the decades-long struggle for the region to overcome the decline of the coal and steel industries and to recover its confidence and […]

No to a Cardiff megacity

The Western Mail’s headline about a new report from the London-based Centre for Cities, UK Cities in the Global Economy: “Globalisation means Wales must forget its rivalries and forge links” with the following opening paragraph: “Cities such as Cardiff, Newport and Swansea must work together as part of a Greater Cardiff to prosper in an […]