Wales Factfile

Despite the glories of the web, one of our frustrations as researchers has been the difficulty of finding succinct information about many aspects of Wales – such as its people, its economy, its culture and its democracy – in one convenient place. The Wales Factfile is an attempt to remedy this deficiency. We hope you will find here a compendium of accurate, objective and authoritative information about Wales. We intend to build this into an unrivalled source that will be of help not only to researchers  in schools, colleges, public and private organisations but also to Welsh citizens and to visitors, in short – to anyone with an interest in Wales. You can help make this even more valuable by contacting us to suggest topics that should be covered, or to point out any sins of omission or commission.








Democracy 1 – European Parliament

Democracy 2 – UK Parliament

Democracy 3 – Government of Wales 1945-99

Democracy 4 – National Assembly for Wales Democracy

Democracy 5 – Welsh Government 1999-2010

Democracy 6 – Local Government



Agriculture and Food