The IWA’s response to the inquiry into News Journalism in Wales

In May 2017 The  IWA Media Policy Group’s responded to the National Assembly for Wales’ Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee’s inquiry into the future of News Journalism. Our response is available  here.

In October 2017, the Welsh Government’s draft budget 2018-19 proposed an investment of 100k pa for two years in “start up grants for journalists seeking to set up their own business in hyperlocal news”. We responded to the Committee’s request for evidence on how the funding could be best used and whether this is a sufficient amount of money to make a difference to the provision of quality news journalism in Wales. Our response presents evidence that strategic investment which a) amplifies the impact of existing support and b) focuses in particular on the sustainability of hyperlocal news will make the greatest difference to quality news journalism in Wales. Our response is available to read here.