Valleys Mayor: the reaction

Perhaps Wales needs a new alternative national anthem. Not Delilah, which has already been appropriated as one of Wales’s rugby songs, but Nicely-Nicely’s song from the American show, Guys and Dolls, The People all Said Sit Down, Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat. The thought comes after looking through the reactions on blogs, in letters […]

Bargaining chip in media meltdown

ITV’s slow decline is well known and the broadcaster revealed the extent of the reduction in its advertising revenue this week. There is already a UK-wide £40m “regional savings” programme in the pipeline, that will be completed by 2009. Although Wales is not at the front of the queue to completely lose regional coverage from […]

Ideas for the south Wales Valleys

There are widely shared aspirations for the south Wales Valleys. ‘More jobs for the Valleys’ is one such aspiration – but to realise the goal we require ideas that work. The idea proposed today in a new IWA study, Futures for the Heads of the Valleys, is a democratically-elected Mayor for the south Wales Valleys. […]

Treftadaeth Yfory – Heritage Tomorrow

IWA Darlith Eisteddfod 2008 Bydd y Gweinidog dros Dreftadaeth newydd yn Llywodraeth y Cynulliad, Alun Ffred Jones AM, yn tradoddi Darlith Eisteddfod yr IWA yn ystod yr wythnos nesaf. Cynhelir y darlith – Trefadaeth Yfory – am 12:30pm, Dydd Mawrth, Awst 5ed yn Y Pagoda, Eisteddfod Caerdydd. Mae’r digwyddiad yn di-ddal: i archebu ffoniwch 029 […]

Ending Sovereignty’s Denial

The new political pluralism in Wales, with no party enjoying overwhelming dominance, is providing the conditions for ensuring the country successfully moves towards creating a law-making parliament. In a new IWA Discussion Paper, Ending Sovereignty’s Denial, the institute’s director, John Osmond, argues that Wales’s previous political dominance by first the Liberal Party in the late […]

The shareholder and the licence fee payer

The owner of the Western Mail, Wales’s sole national newspaper, is struggling. Yesterday Trinity Mirror’s shares fell to around 105.75p at 4pm, down from the closing price of around 151.50p last Friday. The fall followed yesterday morning’s announcement that Trinity Mirror’s full-year operating profit would be about 10 per cent below expectations. The reasons for […]

Aerospace: the final frontier

The state of one of Wales’s aerospace industry is profiled is a recently published study by the IWA, in partnership with Cardiff and Glamorgan universities. The study is available on this website. Around 150 firms serve aerospace markets, employing more than 20,000 people and generating about £2bn per year. It is a high gross added […]

Transport in west Wales

IWA members in west Wales highlighted transport as a key issue for the 2008 programme, especially given the publication of the Assembly Government transport strategy for Wales and its contribution to the sustainable future for the region. The IWA’s west Wales branch organised a seminar that took place on May 8 to coincide with the […]

Pluralism in Welsh local politics

Following the local election earlier in May 2008 most of the UK-wide media have shifted their attention to the upcoming Crewe and Nantwich by-election to read New Labour’s runes for a future UK general election. The seat is being contested following the death of Gwyneth Dunwoody MP. The story in England was largely one of […]

European Dialogue

In Europe the notion of homogeneous cultures neatly separated and parceled within state boundaries always needed qualification. Today it is being challenged not only by globalisation but also by migration on a scale that many European countries did not expect. This has given a new dimension to the debate on culture and identity within the […]