Rethinking Wales: The gendered impact of Covid-19


May 14


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Institute of Welsh Affairs (IWA)

The IWA’s #RethinkingWales series will explore the challenges we face because of Covid-19, and work out the opportunities for change.

An open, politically independent and inclusive space for discussion and debate is the best way to identify the challenges we face in Wales because of Covid-19, and work out where the opportunities for real change are.

We are well placed to bring those voices together, and the IWA #RethinkingWales series will explore how different sectors need to respond to this crisis and how we need to start thinking differently.

The next session will be taking place on Thursday, 12 May at 11 am. We will be emailing confirmed attendees on the morning of the 12th with details of how to join the Zoom call, please do check your junk inbox.

It will be an hour long panel discussion on Zoom chaired by IWA Director, Auriol Miller and attendees will be able to engage in debate and ask questions on the live chat.

The topic of the discussion is the gendered impact of Covid-19 and we will be exploring two questions:

What are the immediate problems Wales faces as a result of Covid-19?

What does Wales need to be thinking about in the long term?

Joining us in this session will be:

Ali Abdi – Community Gateway Partnership Manager, Cardiff University and National Lead for the BAME National Youth Forum, Race Council Cymru

Cerys Furlong – Chief Executive, Chwarae Teg

Nesta Lloyd‑Jones​ – Assistant Director, Welsh NHS Confederation

Shavanah Taj – General Secretary, TUC

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