Invitation To Tender: Covid-19 and the Resilience of Welsh Places

This is an invitation to tender for research into understanding what Covid-19 has taught us about the resilience of Welsh places.

We would like to understand why particular places across Wales may have coped differently with the effects of the pandemic, whether that be in regard to the response to the pandemic itself, the economic resilience of a place, or the wellbeing of people in their communities.

For instance, can we identify particular assets or characteristics some communities have, which can help them navigate successfully this new world we find ourselves in?

The research has a maximum budget of £6,000 (plus VAT) and a report is to be delivered within 14 weeks of awarding the contract. The research will encompass:

  1. Case studies of a sample of towns across Wales using the Understanding Welsh Places categorisations of place. Bidders will need to set out the number of case studies to be undertaken within the budget. 
  2. An analysis of the resilience of the selected Welsh places during the Covid-19 pandemic using publicly available data and research 
  3. Survey or interview research into the experiences of people living and working in the selected places. 

Responses to this invitation must be submitted by 10:00am on Friday 22 January 2021. 

The full invitation to tender is available here.

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