IWA Professional Training (Online)

The Senedd elections are looming large which means that it’s a crucial time to be confident in your ability to engage with decision makers in Wales. We offer two different training courses which will each take place on Zoom over two days.

Decision Making in Wales

24th and 25th of November

This course will give learners a good understanding of how Government and politics works in Wales. It will provide an overview of the roles of the Senedd and Welsh Government, and how decisions are made. It is designed for people who want a good overview of the structures of decision making in Wales, and the forces that influence them.

This course will enhance your understanding of:

  • The roles of Ministers and MSs.
  • How the Senedd and the Cabinet work.
  • The differences between the political parties.
  • The development of devolution.
  • The relationship between Wales and Westminster and the effect of Brexit.
  • How public finance works in Wales.

Influencing Political Outcomes

1st and 2nd of December

This course will give attendees an understanding of how they can work effectively to influence the Welsh Government and the Senedd. It will equip learners with an advanced understanding of devolution, and help develop the skills to influence policy development and set up successful campaigns within Wales.

This course will cover:

  • The workings of the Senedd and Welsh Government at an advanced level.
  • How to effectively influence policy makers including Senedd Members and Ministers.
  • How to establish and effectively manage campaigns within Wales and ensure that they have the greatest impact.
  • Setting up, managing and marketing events and opportunities to promote campaigns to policy makers in Wales.

You can find more information and register for Decision Making in Wales and Influencing Political Outcomes here.

The video below – filmed when the course was run in-person – describes the sessions in more detail: