Should I submit an article or a pitch for consideration? What else should I send?

We accept articles at different stages of development. You can send us a pitch for discussion or a full draft. While we don’t have editorial guidelines for pitches, we ask that articles follow our house style, which you can find above. 

We ask that you please provide a suggested headline (up to 12 words), subheading (15-25 words), and author bio (up to 15 words). 


Please send us the twitter handle of the author of the piece. If you’re able to provide twitter accounts of interested parties such as, for example, organisations, ministers, politicians, or others, we can tag up to 10 in the post and picture to ensure maximum reach for the article.

Please hyperlink any references to reports or other claims that are made in the article in the body of the article. We also ask for an illustration.

Can I use images or videos?

If possible, please provide at least one high quality image in landscape format to illustrate your piece. We also welcome additional images and illustrations, but may need to be selective for reasons of editorial consistency across our website. 

Please note that you must be the owner of the image or have appropriate usage rights to make sure we are not using someone else’s work improperly. Make sure you provide the credit if appropriate.

If you would like to add a video to your article, it will need to be on Youtube/Vimeo so that it can be embedded on our website. We can also embed audio files as appropriate.

When will my article be published?

We ask that a finished article be sent to us at least 4 working days prior to publication. This provides enough editing time for both parties to be happy with the finished result.

If you have a specific date you would like the article to be published on, please be aware that you need to give 5 days notice and send us a draft as early as possible. 

We aim to publish fresh content on most days, however, we will be led by quality and topicality. We reserve the right to reject an article.

Who is your target audience?

We have a wide ranging audience from key decision makers in Welsh public life to the general public, so please keep both in mind. 

Make sure that you keep technical language to a minimum and that acronyms are written out in full at least once in the article.

We publicise our articles on our twitter account (@IWA_Wales) and on our Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram pages.