Sharing power, spreading wealth: Towards an equitable energy transition

Join us for our report launch exploring initiatives to retain enhanced economic benefits to Wales from the commercial renewables sector.

Sharing power, spreading wealth: Towards an equitable energy transition for Wales

The IWA is working to secure a green, fair and successful economy for Wales. This means we must both decarbonise the Welsh economy and ensure a socially just and equitable transition to net zero, where the benefits are more fairly distributed within communities. Energy generation in Wales has too often been marked by an extraction of natural resources and local wealth. The transition to net zero and renewable energy generation presents an opportunity for a new approach, to ensure local communities share in the benefits.

Considering the fiscal limitations of the Welsh Government’s ability to pursue radical policies, we explore alternative policy initiatives. How can Wales work together with the private sector to tackle climate change while retaining more of its wealth, devising a way to an equitable transition that boosts the Welsh economy? From the current provision of Community Benefit Funds to increased investment in community energy and novel policy approaches, our new paper considers the means to generate and retain wealth for communities in Wales.

Join us to hear from the report author, Lydia Godden, IWA Economic Policy and Research Officer, in conversation with Joe Rossiter, IWA’s Interim Co-Director.

Picture credit: Elijah Thomas