He needs a critical friend

Summer 2013

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Why Welsh Government needs a critical friend



Lions that convert us into a six-foot nation

Peter Stead examines what happens when we take our national game on to the world stage



Outlook: Making Wales a sustainable food nation

  • Tom Andrews
  • Terry Marsden
  • Kevin Morgan
  • Steve Garrett
  • Eryl Powell



Carwyn Jones’ government by instinct

Lee Waters says ‘standing up for Wales’ is not a delivery strategy

Whatever London does we do the opposite

Jon Owen Jones argues that the progress of the Assembly has been hampered by the absence of responsibility for taxation

When it takes courage to compromise

Kim Howells looks back at 1984-5, a pivotal year in recent Welsh history


Wales and Europe

Between a rock and a hard place

Richard Wyn Jones asks whether Euro pragmatic Wales can continue to exist alongside Euro sceptic England

Consequences of fragmentation within the British Isles

Paul Gillespie explores the dilemmas the Irish Republic faces with the prospect of the UK leaving the EU

How Europe can be a catalyst for economic recovery

Hywel Ceri Jones says the Welsh Government should drive forward a development plan that is fully integrated with EU convergence funding

Marching side by side

Kenneth O. Morgan examines how Wales’ relationship with Europe has been articulated by four political leaders across two centuries


Changing Union 

Our legal personality

Thomas Glyn Watkin explains that law has now joined language as a focus for national assertion

Why police and criminal justice should be devolved

Alun Michael argues that we need these powers to enable a joined-up approach to tackling crime

Welsh Government scrutiny by-pass

Marie Navarro and David Lambert on a bureaucratic grey area where guidance notes are used in place of legislation



Key policies for Welsh economic success

Chris Sutton says Wales has put itself on a road toward creating a more attractive business environment

New economic thinking needed for north Wales

Steffan Lewis explains how we can make an alienated Welsh region a participant in devolution rather than a spectator

Universities drive knowledge economy

John Hughes examines the impact made by higher education across Wales



Leighton’s legacy on school standards

David Reynolds says it should be seen as the need to teach teachers to teach well

Bigger is better for education results

David Ellis reveals the findings from research he carried out into the performance of primary schools across Wales



The dead end road of health care as a business

Julian Tudor Hart says the Welsh NHS alternative can become a model for the rest of the UK

Home based palliative medicine

Simon Jones argues that end of life care should be taken out of the hospital and placed in the community



Cars come before people in urban Wales

Jane Lorimer asks where the sounds of children playing on our streets have gone

Swansea Bay can take lead in tidal energy

Mark Shorrock says lagoons can contribute to Welsh target of doubling renewable energy generation by 2025



Debating Wales in a Anglo-centric media landscape

Rosemary Butler says inadequate coverage of the National Assembly is creating a democratic deficit

Living Welsh in a globalised world

Rhys David makes a plea for more radical thinking on how best to fit the language for the modern era

Giving policy impact to research

Stevie Upton unveils the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s scheme for improving researcher engagement with the real world



Fishlock’s File: Senghenydd remembers

Trevor Fishlock reports on the opening of a mining memorial at the old Universal Colliery where disaster struck a century ago

Ambivalence in the art of Emlyn Williams

Colin Thomas discovers a new way to read one of Wales leading playwrights



A great (south) Welsh novel at last

Jon Gower

Spiritual irony of an internal exile

Gavin Goodwin

As many questions as answers

Rhodri Holtham

Pike in a small pond

Derek Jones

Memoirs that shine in lacklustre stream

David Melding


Last Word:  

Presidente of my own banana republic

Peter Stead