The Road to 2021

Autumn / Winter 2019 #63

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The Emergency Alarm  Extinction Rebellion Cymru sound the alarm 

Early days  Jocelyn Davies catches up with the Class of ‘99 

The Left Behind  Gareth Leaman finds Newport’s past in its present 

Machynlleth to the World  Saskia Pagella traces the history of the CAT 

The Welsh Awakening  Alan Sandry considers Wales’ prospects for indy




From necessity to invention  Mark Drakeford talks to Steve Howell about these uncertain times 

‘I want to be Prime Minister of Wales!’  Carolyn Hitt finds Adam Price brimming with ideas and hope 

Battling for the broad church Nicolas Webb meets the Welsh Conservatives’ leader 

Is Europe the issue that brings radicalism back to Welsh liberalism?  Jane Dodds talks to Rhys ap Gwilym 

The new normal  Kate Hamilton on how communities are becoming engaged on climate 

Sophie Howe and the art of the possible  Clare Critchley asks the Future Generations Commissioner if she’s winning 

Unionism/Federalism/Nationalism  David Melding, Glyndwr Cenydd Jones and Helen Mary Jones debate Wales’ future 

Independence: an economic route  Eurfyl ap Gwilym challenges the age-old claim that Wales is ‘too poor to go it alone’ 

More than prevention  In the first of a series, Emma Henwood looks at the British Heart Foundation’s work 

Perils, Pitfalls and Potential  David Reynolds says Wales should stick with PISA, despite the tests’ shortcomings 

Capital Vision  Huw Thomas says Cardiff is the key driver in the Welsh economy 

Lessons from the Netherlands  Gareth Evans reports back from an educational fact-finding mission 

Measuring the Mountain  Rachel Iredale outlines a project that gives citizens a voice on social care 

Digital Inclusion  Karen Lewis says equity and social justice must keep pace with technological change 




On the Red Hill  John Sam Jones savours Mike Parker’s story of gay lives in Mid Wales 

A Little Gay History of Wales  Huw Osbourne assesses Daryl Leeworthy’s social history 

John Jenkins: The Reluctant Revolutionary?  Joe Atkinson finds Wyn Thomas’ biography meticulously compiled 

Paul Murphy: Peacemaker  Angela Graham admires the politician but finds his book too reticent 

Notes from a Swing State and Zero Hours on the Boulevard  Polly Manning compares the international flavours in two new books from Parthian 

Q & A: David Snowden talks to Noreen Blanluet about citizen engagement