First Language

Winter 2007

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Page 4 – Beyond symbolism

Richard Brunstrom explains why incomers like him should be required to learn Welsh.


Page 8 – News

Politics and Policy

Page 10 – Cowbridge Woman

Gareth Hughes unpicks the current debate inside Welsh Labour.

Page 12 – Battle of the blogs

Vaughan Roderick unravels the coalition talks.

Page 14 – Progressive consensus

John Osmond examines the new coalition’s policy commitments.

Page 16 – Igniting Change

Laura McAllister looks at the prospects for a Welsh Convention.

Page 19 – Reconciling the Budget

Jeremy Colman explains how the 2006 Wales Act ensures the Assembly Government is held to account for its spending.

Page 22 – Welsh Law

Keith Patchett explores the consequences of establishing a distinctive jurisdiction for Wales.

Social Policy

Page 25 – Living Wage

Sam Rex argues that the Assembly Government should set the pace on tackling poverty wage levels.

Page 27 – Debt

Malcolm Hurlston assesses the rise of personal indebtedness and what can be done about it.

Page 29 – The Welsh way

Paul Griffiths advocates networking between organisations to deliver public services.

Page 32 – Beyond Boundaries

Colin Everett says the pace of collaborative public service reform is stepping up.

Page 33 – Strategy and Tactics

Scott Greer reviews the record of NHS Wales policy-making since 1999.

Page 35 – Stock Transfer

Nick Bennett says Housing Associations are the mechanism for levering much-needed investment into our poorest communities.

The Economy

Page 38 – Spending crunch

Eurfyl ap Gwilym analyses the impact of the 2007 comprehensive spending review.

Page 41 – Job shake-out

Max Munday highlights the continued importance of manufacturing for the Welsh economy.

Page 44 – Revolution in the air

Penny Evans surveys challenges facing the Welsh aerospace industry.

Page 47 – Farming Futures

Gareth Wyn Jones puts a new report on Welsh agriculture under the spotlight.


Page 49 – Severn Up

Peter Davies outlines the tough conditions the Government should meet in developing a Severn Barrage.

Page 51 – Barrage debate

Morgan Parry argues that the barrage is unsustainable.

Page 54 – Future meets the past

Haf Roberts on how new technology is answering a preservation problem at St Fagans.


Page 57 – Statutes of autonomy

Anwen Elias analyses the importance of the new Catalan Statute of Autonomy for the future of the Spanish state.

Page 60 – Basque lessons

Mikel Zalbide says Wales can learn from Basque language teaching.

Culture and Communication

Page 62 – Talismans of affinity

Gaynor Kavanagh welcomes a fresh eye on Wales.

Page 65 – First language

Margot Morgan celebrates the work of contemporary artist Mary Lloyd Jones.

Page 67 – Welsh News

Rhodri Talfan Davies reports that although demand for Welsh broadcasting remains high, supply remains a problem.

Page 70 – Converged world

As S4C celebrates its 25th birthday Elan Clos Stephens looks at its future.

The Last Word

Page 72 – The Last Word

Love and Marriage by Peter Stead