How sustainable is Bevan’s NHS?

Winter 2013

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How sustainable is Bevan’s NHS?


Clouds of witnesses

Peter Lord takes issue with the National Library’s new policy of restricting access to its collection


News from the IWA


OUTLOOKDreaming fiction in the Valleys

–       Peter Stead

–       Jane Aaron

–       Daniel G. Williams

–       Angela Graham


Sustaining spending on the NHS will hit rest of the budget

David Phillips analyses the Welsh Government’s change of priorities in health funding

Demand and budget cuts will force health change

Marcus Longley argues that we need to organise NHS Wales in a radically different way

The dilemmas of Welsh health decision-makers

John Osmond interviews Health Minister Mark Drakeford and Cardiff and Vale Health Board Chief Executive Adam Cairns about the stark choices they face in sustaining the NHS in Wales


Changing Union

Tax powers would enhance the Assembly’s engagement with the electorate

Eurfyl ap Gwilym unravels what the UK government is saying in response to the Silk Commission

Irish referendum vote shows way for Wales

Rosemary Butler welcomes a new report advocating an increase in the number of AMs in the National Assembly

Instability beckons beyond the Scottish vote

Peter Riddell warns that the real threat to the union could be posed by the 2017 referendum on EU membership 

Loose ends of asymmetrical constitution building

James Mitchell asks how the Scottish referendum will affect Wales


Newport’s blue route

Stuart Cole examines options for by-passing the Brynglas tunnels on the M4 north of Newport

Age of the City Region 

Kevin Morgan explains why Wales is finally coming to terms with connecting the Valleys with the coast

How housing can boost rural economy

David Goodwin advocates a scheme to provide an answer to the need for affordable homes in the Welsh countryside


Carwyn’s ‘One Wales’ philosophy spikes Plaid’s guns

Michael Sullivan argues we are witnessing the rebirth of social democracy as a result of Labour’s co-option of Welsh nationalism

‘This article is a condensation of a much longer conference paper which acknowledges and quotes extensively from an article by David S. Moon: ‘Welsh Labour in power: ‘One Wales’ vs. ‘One Nation”, in the journal Renewal No 27: pages 77-86.’

Welsh Water can provide a model for Royal Mail

Peter Hain says a Labour government should adopt a Welsh ‘not-for-dividend’ model for our postal servic

Why Labour could lose half its income

Mark Lang examines the implications of a fundamental shift in the relations between the trade unions and the party they created


PISA challenge to Welsh education

Philip Dixon says seeing Welsh GCSE-drilled youngsters performing in Pisa is like watching a rugby league side playing rugby union

Power play in growth of Welsh medium education

Aled Eirug finds a major challenge for the language is that it continues to be used outside the school gates


Sustainable development slips down Welsh priorities

Gareth Wyn Jones reflects on a paradox that while evidence for climate changes gets ever more stark politicians side with the sceptics

Wales hit by quotas extended to under ten metre fleet

Jeremy Percy explores the dilemmas facing our fragile inshore fishing industry


Small-scale beekeeping in the developing world

Martin Jones describes how a Welsh-based charity is making a big impact in Uganda

Quilting for Africa

Maggie Cullinane explains how she became involved in a project to support mothers at risk from dying of complications in childbirth


Wales remembers the trenches

Deian Hopkin outlines the activities being planned to commemorate the centenary of the Great War

Ghostly imprints of an epicentre of the maritime age

Peter Finch looks back at a time when Cardiff was the coal capital of the world


Magazines forced to grasp funding nettle

Malcolm Ballinn reports on radical changes to the future support for Welsh writing in English

‘Don’t hate the media, be the media’

Simon Roberts asks whether the internet can plug the democratic deficit in mainstream Welsh press and broadcasting


Fishlock’s File

How a corkscrew and honey saved a royal line

Trevor Fishlock describes how a former Prince of Wales survived an arrow through his head

Live wire act

Alice Entwistle profiles a poet who says the Welsh want to suck the marrow out of life


An oblique glance at a cloud of artists

Osi Rhys Osmond

A problematic Zionist role model

Naomi Jones

Portrait of an elusive bohemian

Huw Osborne 

Wells we should know

Barry Morgan

Last Word

Random supernumeraries in a Commons of lost souls

Peter Stead