Media meltdown at ITV Wales

Spring 2008

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Page 4 – Spine for the Dragon

John Osmond examines the case for upgrading north-south road links.


Page 8- News

Culture and Communication

Page 10 – Information Gap

Richard Wyn Jones calls for a media commission to examine Welsh communications and democracy.

Page 12 – Shrinking Coverage

Geraint Talfan Davies foregrounds an imminent debate on the future of Welsh broadcasting.

Page 14 – Converged World

Elin Haf Gruffydd Jones on connections between the Welsh language press and webcasting.

Politics and Policy

Page 16 – Murphy’s Law

Alan Trench looks at the crowded in-tray of the new Secretary of State for Wales.

Page 18 – Facing Reality

Eurfyl ap Gwilym says London decisions have a perverse impact on the Assembly’s funding options.

Page 21 – Smouldering Bonfire

Nick Morris reflects on the reverberations on the WDA’s demise two years ago.

Page 23 – Random Politics

Gary Hicks says, like the poor, the lottery will always be with us.

The Economy

Page 26 – Kick Start

Richard Livsey addresses the challenge of creating innovative, indigenous enterprises.

Page 29 – Local Trading

John Ball makes the case for establishing a Welsh stock exchange.

Social Policy

Page 32 – Re-balancing the health budget

Malcolm Prowle looks at the case for more private sector funding in the NHS.

Page 34 – Berlin Wall

Lyndon Miles on the ongoing effort to bridge the health and social services divide.

Page 37 – Congenital Tribalism

Gethin Williams probes the past in search of lessons for the future of higher education in Wales.

Page 40 – Gwynedd’s Furore

Alwyn Evans offers advice on primary school amalgamation.

Page 43 – Sion Cwilt

Gareth Ioan on a successful campaign to amalgamate some small rural schools.

Page 45 – Missing Targets

Anne Crowley and Stephen Davies chart progress in eradicating child poverty in Wales.

Page 48 – Social Entrepreneurs

Gareth Bickerton describes a unique fund aimed at promoting off-beat initiatives.


Page 50 – Climate Change Challenge

Einir Young puts the Assembly Government’s sustainable development aspirations under the microscope.

Page 53 – Supergrass

Phil Cooke describes how a Welsh food innovation could help curb global warming.

Page 56 – On yer bike

Lee Waters on changing our travel habits.


Page 59 – Self-determination

Anwen Elias surveys the Basque quest for greater autonomy within Spain.

Page 61 – Breizh touch

Andrew Lincoln explores the paradoxes facing the Breton movement for autonomy within the French unitary state.

Culture and Communication

Page 65 – Lie of the land

David Meredith celebrates the life of a famous artist.

Page 68 – House party

Rhian Davies previews the 75th anniversary Gregynog Festival.

Page 70 – Emerging Drama

Roger Owen says a successful national theatre will need a civic identity with which to engage.

The Last Word

Page 72 – Grand Slams all Round

by Peter Stead