Tree Power

Summer 2008

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Page 4 – Icarus Balance

Elystan Morgan charts a route through the maze of the 2006 Wales Act towards Wales next constitutional advance.

Politics and Policy

Page 10 – Guard our Inheritance

Gwilym Prys Davies says promoting the Welsh language is a key challenge facing the National Assembly.

Page 12 – Referendum Rules

Glyn Mathias pre-empts the debate on how the forthcoming referendum on more powers for the assembly should be organised.

Page 15 – Making Votes Count

Annabelle Harle on a new effort to ensure the Welsh political cake is sliced up more fairly.

Page 18 – Countryside Democracy

Kirsty Williams says members of the National Parks should be elected.

Page 19 – Blogosphere

Peter Black probes the future relationship between Welsh politics and the internet.


Page 23 – Europe’s Future

Jurgen Habermas says that now Ireland has rejected the Lisbon Treaty, it is time for the politicians to turn the EUs future over to the people.

The Economy

Page 26 – Business Backbone

Rhys David argues we should focus on promoting medium-sized companies to build our economic base.

Page 30 – Dial M for Management

Christopher Ward on leading the way out of our dependency culture.


Page 32 – Eco Dream Home

Nigel and Susannah Hollett outline plans for rebuilding their home on the Gower coast.

Page 34 – Tree Power

Jon Owen Jones on how our woodlands can be used to tackle global warming.


Page 37 – Blanket Bog

Jared Wilson explains how an innovative conservation scheme can bring benefits to upland Wales.


Page 40 – School Effectiveness

David Egan reports on a new programme aimed at transforming Welsh education.

Page 43 – Community Schools

Pam Boyd advocates a holistic approach to learning.


Page 45 – Seductive Option

Marcus Longley asks whether the latest NHS Wales re-structuring proposal will fare better than the others.

Page 47 – Healthy Cities

Dyfed Wyn Huws argues that improving public health is distorted by the dominance of secondary care NHS Trusts in Wales.

Social Policy

Page 49 – Vacant Properties

Steve Jones provides an insiders response to a new report on the Welsh rural housing crisis.

Page 53 – Invisible Minority

Dewi Owen speaks up for refugees in Wales.

Culture and Communication

Page 55 – Democratic Deficit

Simon Roberts casts an eye over the IWAs report on Welsh press and broadcasting.

Page 58 – Speaking Unto Nation

Nick Morris unpacks the contradictions in the BBCs approach to reporting a devolved Britain.

Page 61 – Internet Liberation

Dylan Iorwerth explains how the news magazine Golwg will be using Assembly Government support to expand its presence on the web.

Page 63 – Warrior’s Tale

Daniel Williams introduces a new biography of Raymond Williams, revealing how central he remains to twenty first century Wales.

Page 66 – Wenglish

Robert Lewis unpicks the dialect of the south Wales Valleys.

Page 68 – Straight Line Thinking

Euros Lewis provides a Welsh perspective on commonly used English terms.

The Last Word

Page 70 – I Was There

Peter Stead reflects on the Welsh performance culture.