BBC Wales told to expect more cuts.

Lee Waters interviews James Purnell, Director of Digital and Strategy at the BBC, at the Cardiff Media Summit.

The BBC needs to find ‘creative’ solutions to the twin challenges of declining income and justified demands for better coverage of Wales on the network, BBC Director of Strategy told the IWA’s Cardiff Media Summit this week.

Mr Purnell, himself a former Culture & Media Secretary, acknowledged the 25% cut in English language programming produced by BBC Wales that was laid out in the Wales Media Audit, and the failure of programmes broadcast across the UK to feature Wales. But demands from the First Minister for an additional £30 Million of annual spending for BBC Wales to address the issues was not on the cards, and the best BBC Wales can expect is to be cut less than other parts of the UK.

You can listen to James Purnell being interviewed at the Cardiff Media Summit by the IWA’s Director Lee Waters via our podcast below.

Lee Waters is Director of the IWA. The Cardiff Media Summit took place on the 11th November 2015, and launched the IWA's media audit. The full audit can be found here:

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