Our work

We are an independent think tank and charity working to make Wales better.

We do this through our policy work, which we disseminate through publications and events.

Our policy work focuses on areas that will make an impact to Wales’ wellbeing over the next ten years. Click below to find out more about our work in each of these areas and visit our support us page to find out how you can help us undertake more work in each of these areas.


Our work on the economy looks at finding ways to make Wales a more prosperous place to live and work.


Health and Social Care

Our work on health & social care uses innovative research methods to improve the NHS in Wales for patients.



Our work on education aims to develop practical policy solutions to the challenges the Welsh education system faces.



Our work on governance looks at challenging the status quo and ensure more effective systems of government.



Our work on media highlights and suggests solutions to the challenges facing media coverage of Wales.