About Us

We are an independent think tank working to make Wales better. We come up with practical ideas to improve the economy, education and health. Our vision is to help create a Wales where everyone can flourish.

Building upon the rich history of work done by the IWA to date, our small team of staff is supported by a board of trustees, a hardworking network of regional branches, and an excellent base of fellows who help us act as a catalyst for change and achieve our strategic goals by focusing on areas that will make an impact to Wales’ wellbeing over the next ten years:


Our work on the economy looks at finding ways to make Wales a more prosperous place to live and work.


Health & Social Care

Our work on health & social care uses innovative research methods to improve the NHS in Wales for patients.



Our work on education aims to develop practical policy solutions to the challenges the Welsh education system faces.



Our work on governance looks at challenging the status quo and ensure more effective systems of government.



Our work on media highlights and suggests solutions to the challenges facing media coverage of Wales.


In each area we will draw upon evidence and experience to devise practical solutions, and work with policy makers from across the spectrum to achieve long-term change.

We are implementing our strategy through the following work areas:

  • Growing our membership – our network is the key to our efficacy, we want to keep expanding its reach and involve our members in our work more.
  • Policy groups – we bring together groups of experts and practitioners to devise proposals to make Wales better, and work with policy makers from across the spectrum to achieve long-term change.
  • Events – we bring people together, to network, and to exchange and challenge ideas.  Our events programme supports our research and policy work and is aligned to our fundraising strategy. In addition we run training sessions in understanding and influencing policy and government in Wales.
  • Comment & debate – we are a platform for debate. We publish comment and analysis on our website, Click on Wales, and our twice-yearly magazine, the welsh agenda.

We bring people together so that ideas can collide and solutions can be forged. If you are interested in the work we are doing, and wish to support us, please consider joining the IWA as an individual member, fellow or corporate member.