Issue 67: Coming Together

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Growing up in the underclass Tade Evans on the challenges of being poor

Is Wales for sale? Polly Manning predicts a bleak future if we can’t grasp the housing nettle

Has the pandemic helped bridge generational divides? Leena Sarah Farhat and Hannah Watkin ask two families

Opposing Welsh Labour Theo Davies-Lewis talks opposition with Nick Bourne, Leanne Wood and Peter Black

Disinformation: is Wales at greater risk? Professor Martin Innes says the Senedd must act to protect our media and politics

The Boy With Two Hearts Hamed Amiri talks to Merlin Gable about his new play


Can we ‘poverty-proof’ the school day? Ellie Harwood says we need to listen better to children

What might a ‘national conversation’ look like? Anwen Elias, Matt Jarvis, Noreen Blanuet and Mike Corcoran on how we talk about constitutional futures

The Ballymurphy Precedent Gwion Owain on film and a forgotten chapter of the Troubles

From Rewilding to Restoration Siriol Griffiths explores the way we talk about environmental interventions

Fighting Flooding Sir David Henshaw encourages collective responsibility

Getting Started in Teaching Hannah Watkin explores the effect of the pandemic

Suicide Prevention and Future Generations Sarah Stone advocates a preventative approach

Levelling-up global solidarity Peter Frederick Gilbey says Wales needs to do better on international development

The irrefutable weakness of federalism John Ball says UK federalism would never work

How do we respond to the Afghan crisis as a Nation of Sanctuary? Mark Seymour advocates action