Welsh at Work (SME)

Profiling the nominees for Welsh at Work (SME).

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Welsh at Work acknowledges organisations within the private and public sectors who have taken active steps to promote and increase the use of the Welsh Language within their organisation, resulting in a positive impact. This award is for SMEs.

You can watch the video of the shortlisted nominees for the Welsh at Work category below:

The shortlisted nominees are:

RenewableUK Cymru

According to David Clubb of RenewablesUK Cymru, the use of Welsh is fundamental to their operations. The organisation was prompted to make further use of bilingualism by a recognition that there are business benefits associated with being able to engage with stakeholders in English and Welsh. The organisation works closely with public officials, politicians and private business, all of whom have a component of Welsh-speakers, and who value the service provided in Welsh.  Use of bilingualism also improves RenewablesUK Cymru’s access to businesses across Wales and helps with retention of existing members, and recruitment of new staff.

Harrisons Solicitors

When Alun Jones (current partner) joined Harrisons Solicitors in 1982 he was the first of the team to speak Welsh, and was later joined by Huw Williams in 1988. Both Alun and Huw used their language skills to converse with Welsh-speaking clients and educated the firm as to the benefit of offering bilingual services.  The majority of Harrison’s clients are local, from Mid Wales and a significant number of people in the area are Welsh-speaking and prefer to converse in Welsh.  In order to both gain clients and satisfy existing clients the firm cleary recognized the potential of offering bilingual services.  Their policy is to offer all services in Welsh and they currently have a Welsh-speaker in all departments and offices.  Consequently the corporate brand, business cards and publications are now fully bilingual where appropriate.

Howel Food Consultancy


A fluent speaker it was natural for Nerys Howell to use her Welsh when establishing her company and it has become one of the USPs. Part of the company’s work is to publicise and market food from Wales and work with businesses within the industry, it is imperative according to Nerys to offer their services bilingually.  Nerys is also conscious of the importance of bilingual branding as a marketing tool especially when marketing across the world.

Welsh speakers are recruited and answer the phone in Welsh, and are encouraged to email in Welsh as appropriate. The company offers training workshops and the ability to communicate in Welsh strengthens the proposition, the company also offers cooking exhibitions and works in welsh with the Welsh language media and regularly contributes to Radio Cymru.

Jess Blair is the Policy Analyst for the IWA and the co-editor of Click on Wales

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