Have we had enough devolution in Wales?

Voters in north Wales debate whether we need less or more devolution.

Just weeks from a fresh announcement on further powers for Wales, and it is clear that these announcements haven’t settled the devolution debate for good. The stable devolution settlement which has been promised seems elusive, at least to the political parties battling over further powers.


IWA constitutional convention

This week sees the last of our discussions for the IWA Constitutional Convention and we’re finishing the discussion with an online debate this Friday at 1pm, where we will be asking ‘Has devolution worked?’.

We want as many people as possible to be part of this discussion. To take part in the live discussion please visit iwaconvention.co.uk on Friday the 20th March at 1pm. If you can’t make the discussion at this time, just visit the site later to add your thoughts.

You can also catch up with the discussion on twitter at #IWAConvention.

But is this endless discussion about powers really what matters to voters? As part of the IWA’s Constitutional Convention we asked people in north Wales whether they thought we’d had enough devolution, too much or needed less. And is a lack of powers really the basis of our problems? We asked voters for their views on what is holding Wales back. You can hear both of these podcasts below.


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