IWA podcast: 2017 General Election – the manifestos

Rhea Stevens is joined by Amy Bainton, Natasha Davies and Owen Hathway to discuss the ideas in the general election manifestos

There’s just under two weeks to go until the General Election, and the manifestos – from UK and Welsh parties – are out.

Rhea Stevens is joined by Amy Bainton, FSB Cymru, Natasha Davies, Chwarae Teg, and Owen Hathway, NUT Cymru, to explore the ideas presented in the manifestos and what they could mean for Wales.

Listen to the podcast below:



Rhea Stevens is policy, project and external affairs manager for the IWA

One thought on “IWA podcast: 2017 General Election – the manifestos

  1. maybe its worth remembering that a manifesto is a statement of position, not necessarily simply list of implementable policies, on the one hand nor a sales prospectus packed with superlatives on the other; the parties make them attractive, but they are essentially reference documents

    whilst we still have two parliaments then we will need two heads for each election; the answer is to do away with the utterly broken Westminster, and we would avoid all this confusion

    [… and a suggestion: hang some drapes around the room to reduce the reverberation – you sound as though you’re in a cave!]

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