Calon lan town’s new heart

The weaknesses of the Welsh brand analysed, plus a report on the Assembly elections, a special focus on Welsh law, the lessons from Objective One and the need for a roadmap for economic growth in Wales. Community initiatives in the south Wales valleys and regeneration in Swansea and Rhyl.

Gwent levels welcome wigeons

The forthcoming Assembly elections previewed, plus a report on Time to Deliver the IWA’s examination of the policy options for Wales during the Assembly’s forthcoming third term. The social justice principles underpinning the Assembly Government’s policy approach. Sustainable development and what the Ryder Cup could do for Wales.

Thank the Lord

First Minister Rhodri Morgan and Presiding Officer Dafydd Elis-Thomas under the spotlight, the Severn Barrage, the case for a new Welsh Academy of Science, Dot.CYM, the campaign for a Welsh internet domain and the hazards of (all too frequent) health re-organisations.

The Case for Science

Sir John Cadogan on the shape a science policy for Wales should take; the Barnett squeeze’s billion pound cost to Wales; Richard Brunstrom on policing; Wales in New York and arts funding; addressing the private sector deficit in Wales and creating a Welsh model for PFI

Welsh Imam Sheik Saheed

Lowering corporation tax to help the Welsh economy; connecting Cardiff with its hinterland; interview with Secretary of State, Peter Hain; Jeremy Beecham on his review of public service delivery; the Welsh baccalaureate assessed; investing in heritage and the environment and the demise of a distinctive Welsh dialect.

Dyfodol yr Iaith

The future of the language; the Assembly powers White Paper; Dafydd Wigley looks at the career of Gwynfor Evans; the case for and against regional pay differentials; rural housing affordability, the future of upland Wales, climate change; new discoveries on lactose intolerance.

Capital thoughts

Vernon Bogdanor asks whether Welsh politics has really come of age, plus the 2005 Assembly elections; Cardiff as the cuckoo in the Welsh nest, why Welsh schools should be kept small, and the Communities First programme assessed. Kenneth O Morgan on the doyen of Welsh historians, Glanmor Williams.

When icons meet

Bryn Terfel on the Wales Millennium Centre; the Richard Commission reviewed, and a look back to the No campaign of 1979 and the fears it expressed; the Wales Spatial Plan, investment in railways, policy making for rural Wales, and migration and identity.

Welsh by Design

Successful Welsh product design; why Barnett should measure needs; new directions for Conservatism in Wales, plus a weakened Plaid Cymru’s prospects; the mayor for Cardigan campaign; what Europe is achieving for Wales; the linguistic message of the 2001 census; the case for a Welsh language daily newspaper; education spending.

Dispatches from Everest

Jan Morris looks back to Everest 50 years ago; Neil Kinnock on the single currency; the 2003 Assembly elections analysed; the work of the Wales Audit Office; the need for a Welsh science policy; setting a realistic target for Welsh living standards; Wales and England start to diverge on health policy.