Global Day of Action for Climate Justice in Wales

A picture of a climate demonstration. The article outlines actions for climate in Wales.

As COP 28 unfolds, Kaja Brown outlines the different ways people can get involved in an upcoming day of action for the climate in Wales.

On the 9th of December communities across the globe are coming together to demand climate justice, and Wales is no exception.

There are at least six events happening across the country from Bangor to Newport. These events are being spearheaded by climate justice movements such as the Climate Justice Coalition and Climate Cymru in response to COP28 and the hypocrisy of major governments’ stance on the climate crisis. 

From the 30th of November until the 12th of December global leaders are meeting in the United Arab Emirates for COP28, a climate summit which this year is ironically presided over by oil executives. Groups across Wales, the UK and the globe are reacting by taking their own action for climate justice. This year we saw the hottest summer on record as well as the UK government backtracking on their climate goals and announcing the opening of the new Rosebank oil field. How can we trust our leaders to make the changes we so desperately need when they are busy exploiting the land and people for their own gain? The sad news is that we can’t, and that’s why the rest of us need to step up.

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Wales has a complicated history in the role of climate change, as coal mines are a part of our heritage, and we were once a hub for the fossil fuel industry. Yet now we are seeing Cymru on the forefront of climate action with policy such as the Well-being of Future Generations Act, the creation of the  Black Mountains College, which is dedicated to climate change education, and an ever increasing number of groups across the country making their stance on climate change clear. 

Climate Cymru has data showing what people across the country care about most in relation to the climate crisis and these issues include food security, green spaces, nature, green jobs and a concern for future generations. The truth is that the vast majority of us do care. We want a better world where people and nature are thriving. There is an overpowering narrative when dealing with the climate crisis that we can’t change things, capitalism and corruption are here to stay, and as individuals we are helpless. The story even goes on to say that any changes we will make are sacrifices that will make our lives worse. But this is not true. As I explored in a previous article for the welsh agenda, that narrative is not fixed. We can build a better world where we stop destroying nature, it isn’t hard to warm our houses in winter, we have better transport, greener jobs, and can tackle the injustice and oppression inherent in the climate crisis. This is what we are calling for on the Global Day of Action for climate justice. 

And you can join us! 

There will be events across Wales on Saturday December the 9th. There is a march in Cardiff starting at 12 noon, meeting outside Cardiff Law Courts (near City Hall). People in Bangor are marching at 14:30, meeting outside the Pontio building. In Swansea, people are meeting at 12pm in Castle Square. You can find out which event is closest to you by checking out this map. 

See you there! 

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Kaja Brown is Digital Communications Co-ordinator at Climate Cymru. She is a writer, editor and storyteller interested in society and activism in Wales and beyond. She blogs at

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