Prof. Khalid Al-Begain – Science & Technology

Prof. Khalid Al-Begain is the winner of the Science & Technology award, sponsored by Western Power Distribution

With his origins in computing and communications technologies, Professor Khalid cutting edge work on the development of 2G and 3G wireless networks saw him become one of only 500 British scientists to receive royal recognition for his contributions to this country’s scientific community.

Recognising the profound effects advances in such things as mobile phone apps have on our daily lives, he is also developing sensor-based technologies to automate the diagnosis of early on-set dementia and to assist independent living for those affected.


“I have been engaged in computing and communications technologies since 1986. I started working on the development of 2G and 3G wireless networks in 1995. I thrive on challenging and demanding work. Throughout my career I have always tried to make a difference in the environment where I worked and travelled.

My field is one of the fastest changing and evolving fields in technology and has a profound impact on people’s everyday lives. Mobile technologies and apps have become a part of everything we do. Most importantly for me, they provide new opportunities to help people.

People and especially younger people are very excited about mobile technologies which gives me a continuous challenge to stay ahead of the game.”

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