Spinning the Silk web – the IWA podcast

Catch up with the week’s analysis on the Silk Commission – including the new IWA Podcast

The final report of the Silk Commission on Devolution in Wales this week recommended a suite a reforms to put the workings of the Assembly on a more stable footing.  The unanimous recommendations of the independent commission included a shift to a reserved powers model for Wales, an increased number of Assembly Members and the devolution of key services such as policing, youth justice and further powers over energy.

All week the IWA has been featuring commentary and analysis of the report, including a piece by Paul Silk explaining the findings,  a reflection on the significance of a reserved powers model by John Osmond, a focus on the recommendations to improve relations between the UK and Welsh Government by Geraint Talfan Davies, a blast of political reality by Gareth Hughes, and a call by Daran Hill for the Welsh Secretary to seize the initiative and get on with implementing the central tenet quickly.

On Thursday the IWA brought together some of the key figures for a Masterclass event to understand and explore the events. IWA members will be able to listen to the key contributions online in the coming days.

In the meantime you can catch-up with the latest in our new series of IWA podcasts. This week’s – the second in the series – focuses on the Silk Commission report.

The fortnightly podcasts will feature a regular panel of Welsh political analysts – IWA Director Lee Waters, Positif Politics MD Daran Hill, and Cathy Owens Director of Deryn.  Hosted by the IWA’s Jess Blair, the podcasts will also feature occasional guests on the topic of the moment.

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