IWA Podcast: Confronting the Last Taboo – Old Age and Death in Theatre

Dylan Moore hosts the latest IWA Podcast, and is joined by Playwright Kaite O’Reilly.

Playwright Kaite O’Reilly’s new play ‘Cosy’ confronts what she sees as ‘the last taboo’: the ageing process – and death. In this IWA Podcast, she talks to Dylan Moore about how Western culture’s problem with ageing goes far beyond the issue of representation in the media or the ‘cult of youth’ that sees anti-ageing wrinkle cream marketed to the pre-pubescent. Women, particularly, argues O’Reilly, reach a certain age when they become increasingly invisible: ‘It’s like I’ve disappeared,’ laments a middle-aged lady in the play, ‘I walk down the road and throw no shadow.’ ‘What we can do with theatre,’ posits O’Reilly, ‘is make it okay to look in the dark corners.’

You can listen to the podcast below:

Dylan Moore is the IWA's Comment and Analysis Editor. Cosy will be at the Wales Millennium Centre, March 8th – March 12th.

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