We want to see a Wales with a strong, confident democracy.  Our work will aim to improve the political education of the nation and the accountability and transparency of our politicians.

By encouraging a robust media, and through non-party political campaigning, we want to see Wales’s civic sphere grow and strengthen.

Our project Understanding Welsh Places supports people to better understand their communities and provides a tool to empower the people of Wales.

Below is our latest work on our work on democracy. You can find a full list of our publications here.

The IWA only exists with the support of our members. Find out more about joining us to ensure that we are able to continue our work. 

Our latest Democracy work

IWA response to the Commission on Justice in Wales

The IWA has responded to the Commission on Justice in Wales’ call for evidence. Our response considers three primary issues: the administration of justice; the constitutional position; and implications of implementing a justice system for Wales.   The key messages we share in our response are: The present unified jurisdiction does not serve Wales well. […]

IWA’s response to the Welsh Government’s Draft Budget 2018-19

The IWA has responded to the National Assembly for Wales’ Finance Committee’s scrutiny of the Welsh Government Draft budget 2018-19. Our General observations on the budget included This budget generally represents continuity: broadly the same level of gradual decline of spend as the last 5 years, while the NHS is protected. Spending is increasingly dominated […]

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