Gill Morgan: Gear change for the civil service

Autumn 2009

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Nationhood and Common Humanity

Barry Morgan explains why Christian values have propelled him to the forefront of Welsh politics


New IWA Research Officer / Critical Mass in the Assembly / Inspire Wales Awards/ Cardiff and Valleys Branch launch


Patrick Hannan


Welsh Labour’s Leadership Election

Jeff Jones

Paddling in a Shallow Gene Pool

Geraint Talfan Davies

Taking Control of Our Own resources

Madoc Batcup

Adapting to Climate Change

Alan Netherwood

Time for Welsh Journalism to Fight Back

Nicola Porter


Fresh Air in Cathays Park

John Osmond hears how the new Permanent Secretary Dame Gill Morgan is dealing with Whitehall arrogance

Good Timing

Dafydd Wigley outlines the options for when to hold a referendum on extending the Assembly’s powers

Assembly Special

Infant Parliament

Adrian Crompton provides an insider’s view of law-making in the National Assembly

Legislative Fog

Marie Navarro and David Lambert probe the boundaries of the National Assembly’s powers

Clearing Lines of Communication

Peter Hain says the Assembly’s new powers are delibering much more than their critics allow


Spending Trauma

Eurfyl ap Gwilym says the Welsh Government should look for alternative sources of funding to plug cuts in its budget over the next four years

Road To Resilience

Peter Davies puts the spotlight on the Welsh Government’s Green Jobs Strategy

Coal in a Warm Climate

Gordon James says coal use must be reduced if we are to stand a chance of combating global warming

Questioning The Nuclear Option

Hugh Richards reveals uneasiness inside the Assembly Government about the next generation of nuclear reactors


Putting Citizenship Centre Stage

Roger Thomas asks what our public services can learn from Denmark and New Zealand

Helping a Small Economy Punch Above its Weight

Dylan Jones-Evans on a new initiative to bring global talent to Wales

Airconditioning for the Planet

Ru Hartwell reports on an initiative to sustain an area of tropical rainforest ‘The Size of Wales’


Garlic’s Secret Weapon

Andrew Shearer on why garlic is a Cardiff company’s new secret weapon to combat climate change


Life Source

David Culshaw reports on the decline of the honeybee

Landscape Special

Spiritual Resource

Ruth Williams finds much to applaud in a new IWA report on the Welsh landscape

Grand Canyon of the Industrial Revolution

Berry Coffman describes a project that is making a Regional Park out of the Valleys

Living With Our Ancestors

Paul Sambrook and Jenny Hall on a 25-year project to record the heritage of our uplands


Stressed, Burnt and Dropping Out

Dave Egan argues that we need a new approach to educating our 14-19 year olds

Combating the Culture of Numbers

Stevie Upton advocates a broader approach to knowledge exchange in our universities


Lifestyles Health Epidemic

Dyfed Wyn Huws says Assembly Government proposals to reform the organisation of public NHS provision need a health warning

Social Policy

Beating the Crunch

Katija Dew describes how a Welsh financial movement is benefiting from the credit crunch

The Kafka Brigade Comes to Wales

Andrew Davies describes an innovative approach to improving public services


Capturing the Soul

Peter Finch sits for Wales’s most successful portrait painter David Griffths

A New Presence in the Creative Landscape

Meic Llewellyn profiles a Welsh cultural entrepreneur

Underpinning the National Psyche

Michael Houlihan outlines how National Museum Wales is responding to the recession

Amlwch and Mynydd Parys

Bryan Hope explores the history and development of Wales’s copper kingdom

Last Word

Our Tribal Prejudices

Peter Stead