Welsh by Design

Winter 2003

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Page 2 – A Post-National Wales
Chris Williams says it is time to move on from irresolvable problems of nationality to a more open, participatory society.


Page 6 – News
The Economy

Page 10 – Mind the Gap
Dylan Jones-Evans puts the economic performance of the richer and poorer regions of Wales under the spotlight.

Page 13 – Cover Story: Water in a Bottle
Ross Lovegrove describes the thought processes that led him to further develop one of Wales’ most successful products.

Page 16 – Halen Mon
David Lea-Wilson argues that successful marketing entails combining a local with a global image.

Page 18 – Whisgi Gymreig
Brian Morgan on how a Welsh spirit has been conjured out of Penderyn.

Page 21 – Flights on our Doorstep
Madoc Batcup says we should take another look at Llanwern’s potential to become a major international airport.

Page 24 – Barnett Squeeze
R Ross Mackay argues we should measure need when allocating spending across the UK.

Page 28 – Greening the Economy
Roger Thomas recommends practical steps to make progress with sustainable development.

Politics and Policy

Page 30 – Peter’s question for Ivor
Alan Trench says the Richard Commission should address constitutional principles not questions about service delivery.

Page 32 – Leashed Watchdogs
Leighton Jenkins argues that the Assembly’s Committees lack the powers to do their job.

Page 35 – Legal Wales
Keith Bush reports on how Welsh incorporation into England is being reversed.

Page 37 – Virtual Majority
Leighton Andrews reports on his first six months as an AM.

Page 39 – Clear Welsh Water
Nick Bourne outlines new directions for Welsh Conservatism.

Page 41 – Nation-Building
Cynog Dafis explores Plaid Cymru’s future in the wake of its May 2003 election setback.

Page 44 – Backlash
Simon Brooks explains why 8874 people in Ceredigion are demanding a mayor.


Page 46 – Two Cheers
Neil MacCormick reveals what the European Convention is achieving for Wales.

Page 50 – Only Connect
Jan Royall discusses the work of the European Commission’s Office in Wales.

Culture and Communication

Page 52 – Cardiff, Kairdiff, Caerdydd
Peter Finch probes the literary output from the capital’s clash of cultures.

Page 55 – Turning the Tide?
John Aitchison and Harold Carter unravel linguistic messages from the 2001 census.

Page 59 – Belonging
Euros Lewis reflects on the heartland’s ‘invisible’ identity crisis.

Page 62 – The World in Welsh
Ned Thomas argues that the time is ripe for a Welsh-language daily newspaper.

Page 65 – Culture Versus Commerce
Alun Davies reports on the establishment of Ofcom.

Social Policy

Page 67 – Physicians Cure Thyselves
Jon Owen Jones assesses the Assembly Government’s response to the Wanless review of health and social care.

Page 69 – Funding Fog
David Reynolds says education spending is losing out.

Page 71 – We bought a Mountain
Catrin Ellis Jones reports on a venture that is breathing life into upland Wales.


Page 74 – Dislocated Icon
William Wilkins suggests a way forward for the National Botanic Garden.


Page 76 – DNA Database
Anthony Campbell unveils a project to survey the marine organisms of Pembrokeshire.


Page 78 – Sustainable Futures
Carys Howell and Sylvia Davies examine proposals to extend the role of the National Parks.

The Last Word

Page 80 – Endpiece
Harri Webb’s Budgies by Peter Stead