The Single Market of the Mind

The problem with analysing Britain’s referendum on EU membership or, for that matter, any referendum, is that it can mean what you want it to mean.

The teeming and lading of data and the dicing and slicing of arguments can be done by both sides regardless of the result. And yet the result stands. Both sides are left dealing with consequences that were forecast or denied, hailed or howled down – a confusion of dreams and nightmares from which, in the harsh light of day, both the UK and our erstwhile partners in the EU now have to construct real solutions – separately or together.

Without care and resolution, somewhere along the line it is certain that we shall bark our shins on the new realities.

This report by Geraint Talfan Davies provides an opportune and insightful analysis of the current connections that Wales has with Europe in the spheres of higher education, arts and culture.

He describes what is at stake following the Europe referendum, and makes 16 recommendations for strengthening Wales’s national policies and strategies for wider international engagement in the future.

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