Gwesty Cymru – Welsh At Work (small)

Gwesty Cymru are winners of the Welsh At Work (small) category sponsored by the CADCentre

Huw and Beth Roberts established luxury Aberystwyth hotel Gwesty Cymru in 2007.

Working in the tourism industry, they believed the use of Welsh language would contribute towards creating a “unique cultural experience” for guests.

As part of their Welsh language policy, they have bilingual signage, publish bilingual recruitment adverts, play Welsh and English music, greet all customers in Welsh and use social media in both languages.


“The Welsh language is a natural asset in Wales which we wanted to promote. As a tourism business, we believe that the use of bilingualism contributes towards delivering a cultural experience to visitors, as having a “unique cultural experience distinct to Wales” rates highly on many visitor surveys to the country. By using bilingualism to address visitor satisfaction needs we felt that it would encourage repeat custom, which would lead to a sustainable business. Additionally, our bilingual staff appreciate a working environment where they can communicate freely in the language of their choice.

Our commitment to bilingualism extends beyond our organisation through our support of other bilingual businesses. By sourcing bilingual products and services for our business, we are making a small but positive contribution to the sustainability and the bilingual economy in Wales.”

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