North Wales Fire and Rescue Service – Welsh at Work (large)

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service – Welsh at Work (large) sponsored by the CADCentre

Staff at North Wales Fire and Rescue Service believe that the issue of language plays a vital role in the service’s mission to save lives and reduce risk.

Striving to deliver a bilingual service, they have established a robust Welsh language scheme, which promotes language internally.

The organisation operates a fully bilingual intranet for staff and has introduced a Welsh language CD programme, encouraging the workforce to learn Welsh.


“North Wales Fire and Rescure Service prides itself on having taken the issue of language seriously over many years. By acknowledging our moral and legal duties to meet public expectation and to protect the cultural heritage of the area, we also acknowledge that there are positive service benefits to be had from conducting our public business in both languages. Saving lives and reducing risk are at the heart of our Service’s mission – the language issue is vital to our success.

Our aim is to cultivate a service which is completely in tune with it’s Welsh public and demonstrates a courtesy and empathy towards the language and culture of Wales. This ensures our communities receive a prompt, courteous, equal, and complete service provided by a satisfied and confident workforce.”

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