Digesting the Euro results – the IWA Podcast

As the dust settles, what is the significance of the Euro election? The IWA podcast panel discusses

Was the surge of a UKIP a surprise? And what is the significance of the insurgency on the four established parties?

Election expert Prof Roger Scully from Cardiff University joins Lee Waters, Cathy Owens and Jess Blair for the latest IWA Podcast to discuss.


2 thoughts on “Digesting the Euro results – the IWA Podcast

  1. Personally I am not suprised by the rise of UKIP. The general public are fairly unaware of politics or what the EU does.
    Labour should be scared that their not doing better a year out from a general.
    The Tories should be worries about all the blue areas going purple.
    More of the same from Plaid.
    The Lib Dems are lost as long as Clegg is there.

  2. Good discussion. UKIP clearly threaten Labour, and have already taken a chunk of their electorate. Hardly surprising when you consider that many Labour voters are ‘soft’ British nationalists who are prepared to vote for whoever appeals to their populist values. Welsh politics is now the battle for the Union Jack vote, with only Plaid Cymru offering an alternative vision.

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