Welsh at Work (large organisations)

Profiling the nominees for the Welsh at Work (large organisations) category

Sponsored by CAD Training Company. Welsh at Work acknowledges organisations within the private and public sectors who have taken active steps to promote and increase the use of the Welsh Language within their organisation, resulting in a positive impact. This award is for large organisations.

You can watch the video of the shortlisted nominees for the Welsh at Work category below:

The shortlisted nominees are:

Cwm Taf University Health Board


Cwm Taf University Health Board was approached by the University of South Wales and asked if they would support the release of a member of nursing staff to work collaboratively to develop a consultancy package that supports Welsh speaking student nurses whilst undertaking clinical placements. The consultancy package includes

• The Development of a Student Nurse Handbook:

• Develop into mobile format for smart phones and tablets

• Pilot mobile application/Handbook with Students in University of South Wales

• Share best practice and consider roll out of handbook across Wales.

• Practice Facilitators to provide list of up to date mentors via mentor

• Welsh Language Officers in Cwm Taf UHB – supporting ward/clinical staff with enhancing/developing Welsh language skills

• Learning and Development – support with induction for student nurses

• Welsh Speaking Students

They envisage that a strong working partnership between the University of South Wales and Cwm Taf University Health Board, and a supportive infrastructure that we will jointly be able to provide student nurses with an opportunity to undertake their clinical placements in their language of need. It is also anticipated that the consultancy will also assist the Health Board in promoting the use of the Welsh language in the delivery of client-focused care. Welsh Language Officers provide Welsh learning opportunities in the clinical settings, and all staff are encouraged to answer the telephone bilingually.


Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council






As the demand and expectations in terms of maintaining Welsh- medium services increases, we wanted to show that we are at the forefront of promoting the use of the language, in particularly within customer led services such as customer care and the care sector. The council has invested heavily in marketing material to promote the language of choice among the residents of the County e.g. by distributing wallets bus pass for pupils of 6th form the Welsh County schools, preparation of mouse mats etc worked closely with children’s services, youth services, social services Menter Iaith by establishing specific committees to promote the Welsh language. established Welsh Language Taskforce – the role of the Task Force is to help raise the profile of the Welsh Language Scheme and to drive the Scheme’s implementation across all services. established Welsh Language Working Groups: On an operational level, the Council now has recourse to two working groups (Welsh Language Working Group, and Welsh Language Working Group Community Services).

The purpose of the groups is to support the Welsh Language Training and Development Officer to implement and monitor the Council’s Welsh Language Scheme at grass roots level i.e. address problems around implementation of the Scheme such as staff language training; production of bilingual information; to highlight and influence new initiatives, act as conduits to cascade information, share good practice and report back on events and developments from service areas vis-à-vis bilingual provision strengthen the Welsh language in care service provision. The Welsh Language Services Unit is a corporate resource and serves all areas of the Council and facilitates the Council’s statutory Welsh Language Scheme.


Bwrdd Iechyd Prifysgol Hywel Dda University Health Board








Hywel Dda Health Board is committed, through its Welsh Language Scheme, to increase the number of staff that can provide a bilingual service. It is important that the patient/service user is able to note his/her language need and that the Health Board can make the ‘active offer’ so that sensitive matters can be discussed in the most appropriate language. The Health Board is fully aware that increasing bilingualism within the workplace also increases the use of the Welsh language between staff and patients/service users. Health Care there is a growing body of evidence indicating the potential detrimental impact on the health & well being of patients, their families and/or carers, when they do not have access to the language of their need, as well as the beneficial impact of when they do. There is a growing awareness of the relevance that for some patients the Welsh Language is ‘more than just words’.

Hywel Dda Health Board, through the development of its Bilingual Skills Strategy and as the first Health organisation in Wales to do so, is leading the way with an innovative approach to developing the bilingual skills of its workforce, to better meet the needs of patients/service users.

Jessica Davies-Timmins is the Business Development Officer for the IWA.

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