IWA Podcast: The leaders’ debates

Who were the winners of the leaders’ debates? The latest IWA Podcast discusses.

With just a week to go until the Assembly election, the political parties are vying for every last vote.

There have now been two televised debates with each of the party leaders making the case for the voters to put them in power for the next five years, as unlikely as this may be in some cases.

In the latest IWA Podcast the IWA’s Jess Blair was joined by Daran Hill of Positif, Owen Hathway of the NUT and Tenovus Cancer Care’s Ian Lewis to discuss the winners and losers of the recent debates, and how much impact their performances may have on the outcome of next week’s election.

You can listen to the podcast below.

5 thoughts on “IWA Podcast: The leaders’ debates

  1. Last night’s debate was ruined by Huw Edwards thinking that he and his voice was infinitely more important than the various politicians on public display.

    Mind, the politicians let hime behave this way and so it doesn’t say much for their own self-importance.

    Time to rid ourselves of this nonsense Assembly once and for all!

  2. Karen is right. Similarly, I find that Question Time debates are often ruined by David Dimbleby thinking that he and his voice is infinitely more important than the various politicians on public display. Time to rid ourselves of this nonsense House of Commons once and for all. A non sequitur I think Karen.

  3. Karen,

    Not sure about the debate – haven’t seen it to be honest (too busy watching people hunting for houses on Channel 4), but the media and particularly the BBC use of WE, US and OUR in news stories is something that I find particularly galling and it’s not just the BBC (Laura Kuensberg, Mark Easton, Robert Peston and a lot more besides – they all do it). I haven’t picked up on Huw doing it, so that puts a big plus next to him in my book.

    I cannot believe that all this WE business is purely accidental and smacks of deliberate social psychology to me. I’d like to think that anyone out there who cares to think that they have a free will and are capable of spotting manipulation when they see it would be appalled by that sort of thing, whatever their backgrounds or political views. I suspect though that many people don’t realise they are being sucked in – even the very popular TV programs, such as Gogglebox and Britain’s Got Talent do it – it’s maddening – (I wouldn’t worry too much about Question time and David Dimbleby, since no-one watches these any more do they).

    Also my particular bug-bear, that I very much doubt we would agree on is the rise in the use of the Union Jack on TV. This has been exponential in the last few years – we are all being turned into sheep, by social psychologists and marketing gurus.

  4. What happened to having a mix of Public Affairs agencies on this podcast? Old podcast had a wider set of opinions.

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