IWA Podcast: Priorities for the National Infrastructure Commission for Wales

Auriol Miller, Director of the IWA, is joined by Ed Evans, David Clubb, Rhodri Hugh Thomas and Josh Miles to discuss infrastructure priorities for Wales

The National Infrastructure Commission for Wales was established in 2018: “as an independent, non-statutory, advisory body to Welsh Ministers, whose key purpose will be to analyse, advise and make recommendations on Wales’ longer term strategic economic and environment infrastructure needs”.


Now its Chair and 11 Commissioners have been appointed, attention is turning to some fundamental questions: what are Wales’ infrastructure needs, what should be our priorities and how should they be decided?


In Autumn 2018, IWA hosted a series of blogs curated by Ed Evans, CECA (the Civil Engineering Contractors Association), exploring these issues.


Continuing the discussion in the latest IWA podcast with Auriol Miller, Director of the IWA, are:

You can listen to the podcast here.


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