Through a Welsh Lens: The Labour Party’s Vision for Wales

We asked the key parties for their solutions to address the challenges facing Wales. Today, we hear from the Labour Party.

Reinvigorating Wales’ Economy

Question: How do you plan to reinvigorate Wales’ economy? What steps will you take to boost productivity, increase living standards, and reduce regional inequalities?

Answer:  Growing the economy on secure foundations will be the number one mission of the next Labour government. Economic stability is the foundation for growth. On this foundation of stability, Labour will bring back growth and make working people better off.

One way in which we will grow the economy is to invest in clean energy here in Wales. By working with the Welsh Labour Government and building on the work of Trydan Gwyrdd Cymru, we can bring good jobs, cut energy bills once and for all, and make Britain energy independent.

14 years of Tory economic failure has hammered family finances and piled pressure on our public services. This means the Welsh Labour Government is having to work twice as hard to support people that need help the most. Increased living standards lead to higher productivity. Increased living standards lead to a reduction in regional inequality.

In order to increase living standards, Labour has set out its plans to cut NHS waiting lists, and to recruit new teachers in key subjects.

The record of the last UK Labour government on the NHS in Wales speaks for itself – the shortest waiting times on record and the highest patient satisfaction in history.

With Labour in power in Westminster, Welsh Labour will be able to invest in policies that tear down the barriers that hold people back, ensuring that everyone can get on in life, regardless of their background. That means recruiting new teachers in key subjects to prepare children for life, work and the future, paid for by ending tax breaks for private schools.

Wales’ Net Zero Journey and the Economy

Question: How will your party ensure that the opportunities offered by Wales’ net zero journey are felt in Wales’ economy, in its broadest sense?

Answer: Labour will make Britain a clean energy superpower, because it’s the route to cutting bills, creating jobs and giving Britain energy security.

Our Green Prosperity Plan sets out our commitment to invest in the industries of the future, creating 650,000 jobs across the country by 2030, in partnership with businesses through our National Wealth Fund.

Welsh Labour is investing in renewable energy infrastructure, including on and offshore wind, and solar. Wales now generates the equivalent of 55% of its electricity consumption from renewable sources. We have also published the Net Zero Skills Plan, setting out a long-term vision for upskilling Welsh workers for the net zero jobs of the future, so that no one is left behind.

Strengthening Wales’ Media Ecosystem:

Question: If in power, what actions will you take to strengthen our media ecosystem – ensuring that it is fit for purpose in supporting democratic engagement across the nation?

Answer: Labour supports an independent press that is accountable for its reporting. More than a decade on from Leveson, Labour is looking to the future. If we get into government, we will work with the system we inherit to ensure the press meets the highest ethical and journalistic standards. We also need to make sure the industry is financially sustainable so it can carry on holding power to account.

Reinvigorating Wales’ Democracy:

Question: How will your party look to reinvigorate Wales’ democracy, overcoming its current democratic malaise?

Answer: The Senedd still has the same number of members as it did when it was established 25 years ago, and it has many more powers now. In fact, Wales is currently the most under-represented country in the UK: the Senedd has the least Members of any devolved Parliament in the country, and the recent reduction to UK Parliamentary seats is the most significant change in a century.

The Senedd Reform Bill has addressed this, increasing the number of Members of the Senedd from 60 to 96 from 2026. If we are lucky enough to return elected representatives at the 2026 Senedd Elections, we want to provide greater representation and accountability, and present a programme of government that helps Wales thrive.

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