Through a Welsh Lens: Reform UK’s Vision for Wales

We asked the key parties for their solutions to address the challenges facing Wales. Here are the answers we received from Reform UK.

Reinvigorating Wales’ Economy

Question: How do you plan to reinvigorate Wales’ economy? What steps will you take to boost productivity, increase living standards, and reduce regional inequalities?

Answer: Reform UK will revitalise Wales’ economy by focusing on reducing tax burdens to stimulate growth; investing in infrastructure, and supporting local businesses. We propose raising personal income tax thresholds to £20,000 to leave more money in citizens’ pockets, thereby stimulating local spending. Additionally, we will provide tax incentives for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) including raising the VAT threshold to £150k. This will encourage entrepreneurship and job creation across Wales.

Investing in digital and physical infrastructure will be a priority to boost productivity and connect regional economies. By promoting skills development and vocational training, we aim to enhance the workforce’s capabilities, making Wales a hub for innovation and industry. These measures will work collectively to reduce regional inequalities and lift living standards for all Welsh citizens.

Wales’ Net Zero Journey and the Economy

Question: How will your party ensure that the opportunities offered by Wales’ net zero journey are felt in Wales’ economy, in its broadest sense?

Answer: Reform UK will scrap net zero and all related subsidies to reinvest in public services. This approach will free up significant resources that can be redirected towards improving healthcare, education, and infrastructure in Wales. By eliminating the financial burden of net zero policies, we aim to reduce energy costs for households and businesses, thereby increasing disposable income and stimulating economic growth. The funds saved will be allocated to enhance public services, ensuring that all Welsh citizens benefit from better support and improved living standards. This strategy will ensure that the economic opportunities are felt broadly across Wales.

Rebalancing the Economy and Improving Living Standards:

Question: How will you seek to rebalance the Welsh economy to lift people out of poverty and improve living standards for low-and-middle income households?

Answer: To rebalance the Welsh economy, Reform UK will prioritise policies that directly impact low-and-middle-income households. Raising the minimum wage and lifting the income tax threshold to £20,000 will increase disposable income for many families. We will also focus on affordable housing initiatives, making homeownership and rental options more accessible. Investment in vocational training will provide better job opportunities and career advancements. Furthermore, we will advocate for fair distribution of government funds to ensure all regions receive adequate support for development projects. These steps will help lift people out of poverty and improve living standards across Wales.

Strengthening Wales’ Media Ecosystem:

Question: If in power, what actions will you take to strengthen our media ecosystem – ensuring that it is fit for purpose in supporting democratic engagement across the nation?

Answer: Reform UK will strengthen Wales’ media ecosystem by advocating for the scrapping of the TV licence fee, thereby making access to public broadcasting more equitable for all citizens. This approach will alleviate the financial burden on households while ensuring that public service broadcasters remain accountable and responsive to their audiences. Additionally, we support initiatives that promote local journalism and diverse media voices, fostering a robust and independent media landscape. By encouraging transparency and enhancing media literacy programs, we aim to support democratic engagement and ensure that Welsh citizens are well-informed and actively involved in all areas.

Reinvigorating Wales’ Democracy:

Question: How will your party look to reinvigorate Wales’ democracy, overcoming its current democratic malaise?

Answer: Reform UK will reinvigorate Wales’ democracy by promoting transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement. We will advocate for electoral reforms, including proportional representation, to ensure fairer representation of voters’ voices. Enhancing the accessibility and transparency of government proceedings through digital platforms will allow citizens to be more informed and involved in decision-making processes. We will also support initiatives that encourage civic education and participation, particularly among young people. By fostering a culture of openness and engagement, we aim to rebuild trust in democratic institutions and ensure that the government is truly representative of the people it serves.

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