Qualified for the Future: Have your say on the new ‘Made for Wales’ GCSEs

Qualifications Wales have launched a national conversation to give the people of Wales a chance to have their say on a major GCSE overhaul.

Qualified for the Future: Have your say on the New ‘Made for Wales’ GCSEs

The IWA is partnering with Qualifications Wales to host another exciting discussion as we seek people’s opinions on the content and ways of assessing the 26 new GCSE qualifications which will be available for teaching from 2025. These changes to Welsh qualifications are in line with the requirements of the Curriculum for Wales – teaching for which started in schools in September 2022.

The new Made for Wales GCSEs and related qualifications will offer:

  • opportunities for learners to demonstrate the skills, knowledge and experiences gained from studying the Curriculum for Wales;
  • flexible content and assessments to help schools design their own curricula and meet the needs of their learners;
  • a balanced mix of assessment methods, with less emphasis on exams and more opportunities for learners to be assessed during their course of study;
  • more effective use of digital assessments.

Join us for an hour long discussion on Zoom, chaired by IWA Director, Auriol Miller, to hear from Qualifications Wales and our panellists, and have your say on the proposed changes.