Swansea Bay Reborn


November 18


05:45 pm - 08:00 pm

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Institute of Welsh Affairs (IWA)

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Principal Lecture Theatre

The Great Hall Swansea University Bay Campus, Swansea , SA1 8QQ

Swansea, GB, SA1 8QQ

The Institute of Welsh Affairs, in association with the Institute of Directors, is convening a forum to inform the people of Swansea and West Wales about the exciting projects currently in place to enhance the advancement of the area.

Swansea Bay was a vital and dynamic component in pioneering Britain’s Industrial Revolution; dominating in the smelting of copper, the mining of coal and the manufacture of tinplate, steel and other metals, all with global trading and financial links.  

But since the decline in these industries, the area has suffered a clear loss of identity.  

However, initiatives such as the Tidal Lagoon and the transformation of Swansea’s waterfront by two universities has given the Bay considerable signs of hope, and engendered a new confidence to be shared by the whole of West Wales.

To find out more the IWA has convened a panel who are able to share with the general public the potential economic benefits to the region as well as answering any questions posed.  

Chaired by Mai Davies, the panel includes:  

  • Sir Terry Matthews

  • Professor Iwan Davies, Pro Vice Chancellor, Swansea University

  • Ioan Jenkins, Wales Development Director, Tidal Lagoon

  • Anwen Robinson, SVP, Unit4

  • Huw Jenkins/Leigh Dineen, SWANS

  • Mal Pope, SWANS & Film and Media Industry