Understanding Welsh Places: An Introduction


September 29


12:00 pm - 01:00 pm

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Institute of Welsh Affairs (IWA)

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This webinar provides a “how to” run through of the site and the data available.

Understanding Welsh Places is a bilingual website that presents information on the economy, demographic make-up and local services of more than 300 places in Wales in a quick and easy format.

We see it becoming the first port of call for statistical information about towns in Wales.

Currently, a lot of statistics collected about Wales are only available on a local authority level and too often, town communities are overlooked by public policy, because of the difficulty accessing data at that level.

Understanding Welsh Places allows people to explore and compare statistics on towns; including information on:

  • Population, age distribution, ethnicity and national identity
  • Number of primary and secondary school places per person
  • The industry of employment, commuting distances and qualifications
  • Number of hospitals, GPs and dentists per person

Funded by the Carnegie UK Trust, and the Welsh Government, the website will be a vital tool for community groups, planners and policy makers to understand towns in greater detail and will enable communities to identify opportunities in their areas.

About: Understanding Welsh Places: An Introduction

This session is for up to a maximum of 30 people

It is hosted in a standard meeting format allowing participants to engage in the site and ask questions as they learn

This session provides background to the project, a “how to” run through of the site, and provides information on the data and tools available on the site.