Auriol Miller on the Expert Panel for Wales’ Constitutional Commission

Auriol Miller, director of the IWA, was appointed on the expert panel due to support the work of the Constitutional Commission.

On Monday 13 June, Mick Antoniw MS, Counsel General and Minister for the Constitution, confirmed Auriol Miller, Director of the IWA, as one of the 8 members of the Expert Panel appointed to support the work of the Constitutional Commission.

The full list is as follows:

Jess Blair – Director of the Electoral Reform Society Cymru

Prof Emyr Lewis – Head of Department of Law and Criminology at Aberystwyth University

Auriol Miller – Director of the Institute of Welsh Affairs

Akash Paun – Head of Institute for Government’s devolution programme

Dr Hugh Rawlings – Former Director of Constitutional affairs at the Welsh Government

Prof Mairi Spowage – Professor of Practice and Director of the Fraser of Allander Institute

Prof Diana Stirbu – Professor of Policy and Governance at London Met University

Gareth Williams (Chair) – Former Special Adviser to the Welsh Government on European Transition

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