Dyfodol yr Iaith

Summer 2005

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Page 4 – Destination unknown
In the wake of France and Holland’s rejection of the Union’s forward march, Chris Harvie asks: whatever happened to regional Europe?


Page 10 – News
Culture and Communication

Page 12 – Dyfodol yr Iaith / Future of the Language: Welsh in the Family
Elaine Davies describes the work of Twf in building a bilingual Wales.

Page 15 – Dyfodol yr Iaith / Future of the Language: Conversing with English
Margaret Deuchar argues that we have every reason to be confident about the co-existence of Welsh with its dominant neighbour.

Page 17 – Welsh Art
Ivor Davies weighs in on the debate over a National Gallery.

Page 21 – Venetian Odyssey
Wiard Sterk reports on a visit to the 2005 Biennale.

Politics and Policy

Page 25 – Virtual Parliament
John Osmond unpacks the recent White Paper extending the Assembly’s powers.

Page 29 – The New Centralism
Kevin Morgan and Stevie Upton query whether merging the Quangos into the Assembly Government will achieve the desired results.

Page 32 – Reality Cheque
Teresa Rees argues that an evidence base should inform student funding decisions.

Page 35 – Geography of Opportunity
Bruce Katz describes the evolution of American neighbourhood policy and what it could mean for Wales.

Page 37 – Gwynfor
Dafydd Wigley looks at the career of ‘the greatest Welsh statesman of the 20th century’.

The Economy

Page 39 – Buzz factor
Yvette Vaughan Jones says culture is the driver of the new economy.

Page 42 – Labour Flexibility
Eurfyl ap Gwilym examines the case for and against regional pay differentials.

Social Policy

Page 46 – Out of Reach
Nic Wheeler offers policy options to deal with the crisis of housing affordability in the National Parks.

Page 50 – Learning how to learn
Shan Richards outlines the main features of the new Foundation Phase early years curriculum being developed for Welsh schools.


Page 53 – Climate change
Faced with crushing global threats Paul Flynn says we need a paradigm shift to change the way we run our economy.

Page 55 – Cherished heartland
Peter Midmore on a search for a vision for the future of upland Wales.


Page 57 – When sugar is not so sweet
Anthony Campbell and Stephanie Matthews reveal the startling discoveries they have made about lactose intolerance.

Page 61 – Blue Sky Research
Marc Clement explains how Swansea University is getting to grips with Life Science, the most fertile source of technology transfer in the world.

The Last Word

Page 64 – The Last Word
by Peter Stead