Five fallacies of devolution

Winter 2010

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Carwyn’s referendum opportunity



When anger breaks into metaphorical music

Jane Aaron on how words can come alive at times of stress in a community



Growing Welsh civil society/Awards continue to inspire / to be archived by  National Library/ Engaging Wales disengaged youth/ More women voices needed


Outlook: Comprehensive Spending Review

Eurfyl ap Gwilym

Cuts should produce changes in Welsh Government priorities

Steve Thomas

Cuts will force mergers of functions if not boundaries

Phil Cooper

More Welsh-based procurement provides a way forward

Mike German

We should look to private sources for capital spending


Cambrian Mountains

Blotting out the mid Wales landscape

Ann West says the Cambrian Mountains should become an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

A beacon for our times

David Austin describes a heritage project to restore Strata Florida’s place as the cultural heart of the Cambrian Mountains

Cambrian Mountains brand

Peter Davies on an initiative to develop one of Wales’ most cherished but neglected heartlands



The five fallacies of devolution

Gerald Holtham calls for a sensible debate on tax varying powers for the National Assembly

Terrific twins of Welsh constitutional thought

David Melding reflects on the impact of the Holtham and Richard Commissions

Labour’s referendum ground war

Mark Drakeford argues for a new level of sophistication in the design of the Yes campaign for the referendum next March

Plaid Cymru’s accommodation to gradualism

John Dixon asks how long his party can combine a pragmatist present with an idealistic future

An ill-considered outcome of early morning horse-trading

John Cox argues that AV for Westminster elections would have devastating consequences in Wales



The emerging need for a Welsh jurisdiction

John Williams argues that as the body of distinctive Welsh law grows so too will tensions within the unitary system

Reforming Welsh law

Richard Percival reviews the Law Commission’s engagement with Wales since devolution



University challenge

Deian Hopkin suggests the student fees increase in England gives Wales an opportunity to create a more distinctive higher education system

Going it alone by default

Philip Dixon says the Welsh Government education department’s ‘made in Wales’ solutions need to be a good deal better than they have been

Opening their mouths to prove they’re Welsh

Rhian Siân Hodges and Delyth Morris explain why parents are choosing Welsh-medium education for their children in the Rhymney Valley


Social Policy

Gift economy rolls out across Wales

Ben Dineen explains how a timebanking initiative is transforming some of Wales’s most deprived communities

Overcoming the complexities of the global marketplace

Eva Trier looks at some examples of firms which are challenging conventional ways of doing business

Schooling outside the mainstream

Rhys David reports on an alternative to the classroom for excluded children that is proving a success



Future of S4C

Forced marriage between S4C and BBC should open a wider debate

Geraint Talfan Davies accuses Culture Minister Jeremy Hunt of acting like a Tudor Monarch in dispatching S4C’s autonomy

We have been producing a dull culture

Peter Edwards warns against boxing ourselves into a self-regarding introverted place

More has meant less in S4C’s expansion

Roger Williams says the channel should reinvent itself as mainstream service after the 7pm watershed

Maybe the next cultural revolution will not be televised

Mari Beynon Owen argues that loyalty to a brand that overrides the remote is no longer valid for any broadcaster


When the time is right

As Planet celebrates its two hundredth number Ned Thomas looks back at the magazine’s earliest days



Fishlock’s File

A writer who brings out the flavour of Wales

Trevor Fishlock celebrates the career of Elaine Morgan

Retaining our public memory

Dai Smith explores the culturally fragmented and materially insecure collective biography of south Wales



National identities after globalisation

Tom Nairn

Catastrophe turned into a work of art

Jan Morris

A dragon at war

John Osmond  

Magical story reveals a coming force

Ifor Thomas

Mirages in a Scottish landscape

Chris Harvie

Why we need to defend music in the land of song

Helen Braithwaite explains how access to music is becoming a lottery in today’s Wales


Last Word

Peter Stead

Can we change our DNA?