Inspiring Patagonia

Summer 2011

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Wales puts her hand to the wheel



Growing up in Ardudwy

Philip Pullman looks back with nostalgia on one corner of Wales in the 1950s and 1960s 



Life stories that inspire Wales


Outlook: Priorities for the fourth term

Imaginative policies exist to close productivity gap

Brian Morgan

Prioritise electrification to Swansea and the Valleys 

Stuart Cole

An education mountain to climb

David Reynolds

NHS must do more for less

Marcus Longley

Wales’ ‘One Planet’ aspiration

Anne Meikle



Where stand the parties now

John Osmond says all the parties have their work cut out to be ready for the next election in 2016


Referendum Special

Welcome to the legalities of law making powers

Alan Trench says the referendum marks the beginning of the National Assembly’s entanglement with judicial process

Delivering the Yes vote

Daran Hill describes how the parties collaborated in the referendum campaign

Challenging a culture of mediocrity

Lee Waters says Wales can no longer afford to be the land of the pulled punch


Why we should control the courts and the police 

Eurfyl ap Gwilym finds devolution of criminal justice to the Wales cannot be opposed on financial grounds


Economy – with PricewaterhouseCoopers

Time to be bold

Gerald Holtham urges there could not be a better moment to borrow to invest in Wales’ Infrastructure

Falling in and out of love with inward investment

Ken Poole advises the Welsh Government to refocus on overseas opportunities

Bring back the Wales Tourist Board

Terry Stevens presses the Welsh Government to address a malaise in our tourism industry

Charting our progress in and out of recession

Michael Artis and Marianne Sensier argue the Welsh Government should find policy responses to timing variations across the economic cycle



Cultural corridor to the east

Ned Thomas revises his view of Turkey following cross border events organised by Aberystwyth University’s Mercator Institute


Patagonia Special

Tenacious settlers

Gerry Holtham discovers a compelling example of what ordinary Welsh people can do

Y Wladfa today

Cynog Dafis welcomes the growing connections between Wales and Patagonia


A forest the size of Wales

Sarah Jenkinson describes how Wales is taking a lead in rainforest protection and climate change



Wales’ vocational attainment gap

Gareth Rees questions a moral panic over the recent PISA scores of our school performance

Y Coleg Cymraeg provides critical mass for intellectual engagement

Merfyn Jones argues we need to be able to write, reason and calculate in Welsh as well as simply speaking it


Social Policy

Regeneration and the economy

Mark Lang and David Leech argue that the successor programme to Communities First will need to engage more actvely with local businesses

City region strategy needed to integrate policy

Roger Tanner calls for a unified regeneration programme to tackle poverty



Two wheels good

Jane Lorimer reports that 60,000 Cardiff households are being contacted in an effort to change their travel habits



Going  back in time 13.5 billion years

Rhys David meets the Welshman behind the 17-mile nuclei Collider at Cern

High performance computing

David Craddock on a £40 million project which will provide Wales with a world-class super computing network



Fishlock’s File

Memories are made of this

Trevor Fishlock says we should have more stories about Welsh lives

Joining a thousand literary flowers together

Peter Finch describes the emergence of Literature Wales, a new agency for the word

Lighting up the nations

Mari Beynon Owen reports from the Venice Biennale

Small is still beautiful

Virginia Isaac reflects on the legacy of Fritz Schumacher



Everything was better after a few drinks

Peter Stead

An intertwining of Welsh and British politics

J. Graham Jones

Nine Centuries of Welsh contact with Islam

Harri Pritchard Jones


Our history should catch up with the present

Peter Stead