IWA Projects Update

Understanding Welsh Places

We have recruited a new Understanding Welsh Places Project Lead, Ellen Jones.

We have set out a delivery plan until the end of June in order to encourage greater awareness of Understanding Welsh Places and increase use of the site by promoting its existence and benefits to user and stakeholder audiences, as well as gather feedback from users with a view to implement any changes in UWP2 launch.

This delivery plan is well underway and includes workshops at Community Housing Cymru Conference and Gofod3, workshops with town council offices (one of which has been delivered in Kidwelly), as well as ongoing planning for an Understanding Welsh Places Information Sharing Event in Wrexham Glyndwr University on 17 June 2020.


Foundational Economy

Dr Jack Watkins was recruited as Project Lead for our new Foundational Economy project in January this year.

The purpose of the Foundational Economy project is twofold:
1. to raise awareness and share information on what the Foundational Economy is, exploring and sharing how different policy approaches to the Foundational Economy could make a significant positive difference to people’s lives in Wales.

2. to catalyse action by shifting thinking on both policy and practice.


We will be sharing further updates on this project shortly.