Making Development Sustainable

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Page 2 – Whitehall Versus Wales

Analysing the way Westminster shares legislative power with Cardiff Bay Robert Hazell says Wales risks getting the worst of both worlds.


Page 7 – News

Cardiff’s capital role in the 21st century; no shortage of questions at Swansea; the politics of geography in Wales; Welsh air links should be upgraded; Barbeque on Everest; busy programme ahead for the IWA; a ‘despite’ culture

Politics and Policy

Page 13 – Clear Red Water

Rhodri Morgan describes the distinctive policy approach developed by Cardiff Bay over the past three years.

Page 15 – Red Green Progressive Policies

Adam Price speculates on whether a coalition between Labour and Plaid Cymru is possible.

Page 16 – Our Man in Whitehall

Jessica Mugaseth comes face to face with Peter Hain.

Page 18 – The Devolution Dividend

Kevin Morgan asks whether the Assembly is worth having.

Page 23 – Art of Conversation in the Bay

David Melding wonders whether Wales has become a more eloquent political entity since devolution.

Page 26 – Devolution’s Colour Code

Charlotte Williams assesses the impact of the National Assembly on ethnic minorities.

Page 29 – Trajectory of Change

John Osmond puts the Richard Commission on the Assembly’s powers under the spotlight.

Culture and Communication

Page 33 – Ticking the Box

Unpacking the Welsh 2001 census results Denis Balsom finds subtle connections between the language and nationality.

Page 35 – A Stage for Wales

Michael Bogdanov says Cardiff and Swansea should collaborate to produce the forerunner for a federal national theatre.

Page 38 – Modest Venue – Melodramatic Debate

Terry Hands teases out what we mean by ‘national’ in addressing our north-south theatrical divide.

The Economy

Page 40 – Rural Survival Strategy

Gareth Wyn Jones and Einir Young say we should embrace ‘Development Domains’ as a central focus for economic policy in the Welsh countryside.

Page 43 – Making Us Better Off

Steve Hill calls for the Assembly Government to adopt a culture of evaluation in its efforts to improve Welsh prosperity.


Page 47 – Why we need a Science Strategy

Phil Cooke charts Wales’ progress in venturing into the Knowledge Economy.

Page 51 – Networking the Genes

Paul Atkinson reports on a new genome research centre at Cardiff University.

Page 52 – Land of Science as well as Song

Rhodri Griffiths says we should learn to love our scientists.

Social Policy

Page 55 – Combating the ‘Gender Contract’

Helen Buhaenko reports on a project that is engaging with deprivation in the Gellideg council estate in Merthyr.


Page 62 – Making Environment Sustainable

Kevin Bishop and John Farrar report on a new study to measure our impact on the Welsh environment.


Page 66 – Team Wales Abroad

Eluned Haf reports on the new Welsh representation in Brussels.

Page 68 – Farming and the Men in Brussels

Glyn Davies describes his encounters with the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy and sketches out its future.

The Last Word

Page 72 – Endpiece

Interesting Times by Peter Stead