The IWA Responds to the Welsh Government’s Draft Budget for 2022-2023

In what is far from a normal year fiscally, with the Welsh budget both boosted and drained due to the ongoing pandemic, the certainty delivered by a three-year indicative draft budget today from the Welsh Treasury will support the delivery of the current wide ranging programme for government.

We welcome the significant funding allocated to tackling climate change, particularly towards the delivery of community-owned and #Marine renewable energy in Wales. Our long-standing research project Re-energising Wales, recently updated with a follow-up report, has highlighted these as Wales’ USPs in renewables.

Similarly, increased funding to be provided for active travel, public transport and decarbonisation of social housing will begin to tackle some of the most significant emitters of greenhouse gas in the Welsh economy.

We are concerned that the budget may not address the impending end to European regional development funding in Wales, particularly in terms of economic development. We urge both Welsh and UK Governments to prioritise ongoing support for initiatives such as Business Wales. 

Whilst it is understandable that the pandemic may not be the time to alter major tax rates in Wales, we urge Welsh Government to continue exploring innovative ways of making the tax burden fairer on Welsh people.

We look forward to continuing to work with Ministers, officials and Members of the Senedd to provide constructive challenge as Wales navigates the pandemic towards a fairer, greener economy for Wales.

Will Henson, Policy and External Affairs Manager

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