Theatrical Visions

Winter 2011

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Connectivity priority for capital city region


A 21st Century theatrical vision for Wales

John Osmond explores how National Theatre Wales has dealt with with the metropolitan and the provincial in its first year



From Leipzig to Abercynon

Mike Joseph offers a personal memoir of an influential industrialist


Henry Kroch’s contribution to Wales

Keith James and Rhys David look back at the life of the IWA’s founding chairman



Cymdeithas yr iaith at fifty

  • John davies
  • Angharad Tomos
  • Menna Machreth
  • Simon Brooks
  • Huw Lewis


Economy – with PricewaterhouseCoopers

Wales faces choice between Northern Ireland and Scotland on tax powers

Gerald Holtham finds the silk commission has a wider canvas than was envisaged when it was first proposed

Recession deepens north-south divide

Rob Lewis on why Wales is performing worst in the UK according to a new household financial index

Skills gaps revealed in Welsh workforce

Kevin Thomas reports on a new survey of the food and drinks industry in Wales

How we reproduce gender disparities

Alison Parken highlights the pitfalls of sidelining the contribution women can make to the knowledge economy



Wales in a two circle Europe

David Marquand queries what the non-English nations will do if the UK opts to stay outside a newly integrating European Union

The best and worst of times

Roger Scully assesses the impact of the May Assembly election on the fortunes of the four main parties

Opening a window on Welsh politics

Nick Bourne reflects how over the past decade Welsh Conservatives have come ro terms with devolution

Boundary obsessions 

Paul Griffiths says we should put away our local government reorganisation maps

Assembly denies international role

Francesca Dickson queries the legislative journey that is putting sustainable development at the heart of Welsh Government

Glancing back to look forward

Meirion Thomas and Martin Rhisiart argue that today’s era of economic difficulty should prompt some fresh blue sky thinking



Welsh forestry could become collatoral damage

Jon Owen Jones questions the projected merger of the Forestry Commission with the Environment Agency and the Countryside Council for Wales

Environment Agency and Countryside Council in planning collission

Gordon James says a nearly built power station in Pembrokeshire is testing the Welsh Government’s commitment to sustainable development



When Wales was imagined as one gigantic chapel

Prys Morgan looks back at a 19th century figure who gave Welsh Nonconformity its national personality

Heritage and the new experience economy 

Huw Bowen explains how the lower Swansea valley’s industrial past is providing a catalyst for inward investment and new jobs

Telling Cardiff’s Story

Neil Evans finds the capital’s new museum rejects a comfort zone of the distant past amnd is not afraid to raise controversial issues



Needed – a broadcasting new deal

 Ron Jones calls for a wide-ranging review of television provision for Wales

News aggregator hits Port Talbot 

Rachel Howells explores the aftermath of a death of a town’s local paper



Fishlock’s file

How heraldry prospers in today’s Wales

Trevor Fishlock on the extraordinary survival of an invented tradition

Demographics of the languages

Hywel Jones explains how we are losing 3,000 Welsh speakers a year



National Museum still stranded on the M4

Osi Rhys Osmond

A fifty year shift

Peter Stead

When nationalism trumps socialism

David Melding

Lessons from a secular rabbi

John Osmond
Last Word

Out with our toxic brands

Peter Stead